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Word Problem 1

 Problem 1: Six women or nine girls can do a work in 10 days. Eight women and three girls will do the same work in how many days?

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We can infer from the statement that work is done by;

Form First information we can say;

6w =9G

\Rightarrow w =\frac{9}{6}G----(1)

So, eight women now can be converted into girls as under;

8w = 8(\frac{9}{6}G)

After cancellation process we get;

\Rightarrow 8w = 12G----(2)

So, by eq (2), eight women are equal to 12 girls – so, 8 women and 3 girls can now be converted into only girls as below;

8W +3G = 12G+3G=15G----(3)

Now consider Girls only for the work;

For first case:      9Girls can do the work in 10 days

                    For 2nd case:      15 Girls can do the work in  ‘x’ days (suppose);

This has now turned into problem of inverse proportion- if girls are more days will be less. We can now arrange this data as below;


\Rightarrow x = \frac{9\times 10}{15}

\Rightarrow x = 6

So , 15 girls will finish work in 6 days– but 15 girls are equal to 8 women and 3 girls by eq (3). So, it means 8 women and 3 girls will finish work in  6 days !




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