Word Problem 7

Problem 7: A gang of laborers promise to do a piece of work in 10 days, but five of them become absent. If the rest of the gang do the same work in 12 days, the original number of men is;

a. 30            b. 45            c. 25              d. 15

Work and men math —

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We suppose that initially there were ‘y’ laborers or men. and later when five of them went away there number became ‘y-5’.

Now we arrange data as under;

It is inverse proportion relation thats why we put arrows in opposite directions

Form this arrangement;


\Rightarrow 12(y-5)=10y

\Rightarrow 12y-10y=60

\Rightarrow 2y=60

\Rightarrow y=30

I-e original number of men was 30


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