Word Problem 7

Problem 7: A father wishes to divide his yearly savings of Rs 846 among three sons in 1/3:1/4:1/5. How nuch should he give to his first son?

a. Rs 360                 b. Rs 360                c. Rs 360                  d. Rs 360

Share calculation


To answer this problem we use share formula which is ;

Share Of A Share Holder = \frac{Total }{Sum Of All  Rtios}\times Ratio Of Share Holder

Here sum of ratios = 1/3+1/4+1/5=(20+15+12)/60=47/60

and Ratio of first son = 1/3

Put values in above formula;

\Rightarrow Share Of First Son = \frac{846}{47/60}\times 1/3

\Rightarrow Share Of First Son = \frac{846\times 60}{47}\times 1/3

\Rightarrow Share Of First Son = \frac{846\times 20}{47}

\Rightarrow Share Of First Son = Rs 360

So first son will get Rs 360


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