Word problem 6

Problem 6: A dealer by showing a discount of 10% on marked price Rs 1100 of a sofa set gains 10%. What is the cost price of sofa set ?



Lets suppose

CP = x

Now profit is 10 % of CP


P = \frac{10}{100}x

P = \frac{1}{10}x

Also we are given marked price ( price displayed on items) i-e,

MP = 1100 Rs

Now discount is given on marked price and we know discount is 10 % i-e

D=\frac{10}{100}\times 1100


It means actual sale price is

SP= 1100 -110

SP= 990

Now use formula


Put values

\frac{1}{10}x =990 - x

Shifting ‘x’ terms to one side


\frac{x+10x}{10}= 990

\frac{11x}{10}= 990

x= \frac{990 \times 10}{11}

x=900 Rs

So the Cost Price of the sofa is Rs 900/-

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