Word Problem 6

Problem 6: In a camp there is provision for 1800 persons which is enough for 60 days. If current strength is 1200 persons, for how long the provision will be sufficient ?

a) 40 days                b) 50 days                c) 90 days                    d) 80 days

(entrance exam basic maths)


We arrange data as below;

Now term at tail of arrow will be up in fraction, while term at head of arrow will be down in fraction!

we write in equation form as below;

\frac{1600}{1200}= \frac{x}{60}

Leave ‘x’ on one side and shift other terms to other side;

\Rightarrow x=\frac{1600}{1200}\times 60

\Rightarrow x=80

So food and amnesties will be sufficient for 80 days

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