Word Problem 3

Problem: 3 If a discount of 20% of the marked price of an article saved Rs 15. How much did I pay for the article ?

a. Rs 50             b. Rs 50            c. Rs 50             d. Rs 50 

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Solution :


Let Marked Price = MP

By given information saving Rs 15 is 20% of marked price i-e

15=\frac{20}{100} MP

\Rightarrow MP=\frac{1500}{20}

\Rightarrow MP=75

We use the formula for marked price ;

Discount = Marked Price - Selling Price


D = MP - SP

From this we can find SP

\Rightarrow SP= MP-D

Since discount is Rs 15 and MP is 75 as we calculated above;

\Rightarrow SP= 75-15= Rs 60

So, Rs 60 were paid

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