Word Problem 3

Problem 3: Three persons namely A, B and C are employed to do a work for Rs 529. A and B together supposed to do 19/23rd of the work. What C will be paid with amount ?

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We are given that A. B and C together can do a work for Rs 529/-

we can write ;

Work = 529 Rs

Also given that;

As A, B and C together do whole work so we can also say,

A' share+B'share+C'share= Work

But given that;


Put this value in above, we get;


We write ‘W’ for work in short;


\Rightarrow C'share=w-\frac{19}{23}w

\Rightarrow C'share=\frac{23w-19w}{23}

\Rightarrow C'share=\frac{4w}{23}

But we know payment for whole work is Rs 529/-

or we write;

Work = 529 Rs

\Rightarrow w =529

multiply both sides by 4/23

\Rightarrow\frac{4}{23} w =\frac{4}{23}\times 529

\Rightarrow\frac{4}{23} w =92

But 4/23w is C’ share in work so, C will be paid Rs 92.

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