Word Problem 20

Problem 20: By selling a watch for Rs 50 a man lost 10%. In order to gain 26% he must sell it for;

a. Rs 63.30                a. Rs 70               a. Rs 76                   a. Rs 80   

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Here Selling Price(with loss)

Sp= Rs 50


Profit = 26%

Selling Price (with profit)=?

We suppose the cost price ;

CP of Watch = y

As he gets 10% loss for his first selling;

\Rightarrow Selling Price ( with 10% loss)=\frac{90y}{100}

But selling price with loss is Rs 50

\Rightarrow 50=\frac{90y}{100}

\Rightarrow y =\frac{100\times50}{90}

\Rightarrow y =\frac{500}{9}

Now his selling price with profit of 26%


Put value of ‘y’ from above;

 \Rightarrow Selling Price (26% Profit)=\frac{126}{100}\times \frac{500}{9}

 \Rightarrow Selling Price (26% Profit)=70

So he must sale his watch for RS 70 to earn 26% profit

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