Word Problem 2

Problem 2 : If income tax be reduced from 3-1/2 % to 3-1/3%, the difference it makes to man whose annual income is Rs 2500 is;

a. Rs 4.50                b. Rs 4-2/3             c. Rs 4.67            b. Rs 5

Income tax calculation, quantitative mathematics


We suppose his income is  ;

Income = Rs 100;

instead !

Now we try to find difference by given information.

First Tax=3\frac{1}2{}

New Tax=3\frac{1}{3}

Difference in o;ld and new taxes;

Diffeence = 3\frac{1}{2}-3\frac{1}{3}= \frac{1}{6}

So, we can say that if income is 100 Rs then difference of tax is Rs 1/6

Now we use unitory method to calculate difference of tax !


Rs 100 = Rs \frac{1}{6} tax

 \Rightarrow Rs 1= Rs \frac{1}{600} tax

 \Rightarrow Rs 2500= Rs \frac{1}{600} \times 2500tax

 \Rightarrow Rs 2500= Rs 46.7 tax



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