Word Problem 18

Problem 18: A man bought a horse and sold it at a gain of 10%. If he had bought it 20% less and sold it for Rs 10 more, he would have made a profit of 40%. Find the cost price of the horse/

a. Rs 200            a. Rs 400               a. Rs 500                a. Rs 300

GRE arithmetic questions and answers



Cost Price 20% less than previous

Selling = Rs 10 more than previous selling price

Profit =10%


The Cost Price =Rs y

Then selling price


Now cost price (20%) less;


New selling price;


Use formula for profit;

Profit= selling Price -Cost Price

40% Of Cost Price=(\frac{110y}{100}+10)-\frac{80y}{100}

\Rightarrow \frac{40}{100}(\frac{80y}{100})=\frac{110y}{100}+10-\frac{80y}{100}


So cost price was Rs 500

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