Word Problem 16

Problem 16: A man losses 13% by selling a book at a certain price.If had sold it for Rs 9.75 more, he would have gained 26%. Find the cost price of the book.

a. Rs 25                              b. Rs 10                               c. Rs 30                           d. Rs 50

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Loss = 13%

Selling Price = Rs 9.75 more

Profit =26%

Cost price= ?

We start by supposing that;

Cp=y Rs


SP (13% loss)=\frac{87y}{100}

New SP=\frac{87y}{100}+9.75

New SP (With Profit 26%)=\frac{126y}{100}

Above two must be equale;

\Rightarrow \frac{126y}{100}= \frac{87y}{100}+9.75

\Rightarrow \frac{39y}{100}=9.75

\Rightarrow y=\frac{9.75\times100}{39}


So, the total cost of the article is Rs 25, So option ‘a’ is correct.

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