Word Problem 13

Problem 13: A man spends 12-1/2% of his money and after spending 75% of the remainder, he had Rs 175 left.The money he had at first was;

a. Rs 2000                   b. Rs 1750             c. Rs 700                  d, Rs 800

Percentage calculation –

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Let the man has amount of ‘y’ Rs in the beginning;

First spending is 12-1/2% or 12.5% of ‘y’ Rs !

i-e          First Spending = \frac{12.5}{100}y

Remaining amount will be calculated by subtracting this spent amount from the original amount !


Remaining Amount = y-\frac{12.5}{100}y

\Rightarrow Remaining Amount = \frac{87.5}{100}y

Second spending is 75% of this remaining amount ;

\Rightarrow Second Spending = \frac{75}{100} (\frac{87.5}{100}y)

\Rightarrow Second Spending = \frac{6562.5}{10000} y

Now in the end the remaining amount is to be calculated by subtracting second spending from first remaining amount;


\Rightarrow Second Remaining Amount = \frac{87.5}{100} y-\frac{6562.5}{10000} y

\Rightarrow Second Remaining Amount = \frac{2187.5}{10000} y

But second remaining amount is given to be Rs 175

\Rightarrow 175 = \frac{2187.5}{10000} y

\Rightarrow y= \frac{1750000}{2187.5}

\Rightarrow y= 800

So, the he had Rs 800 in his hands before spending




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