Word Problem 13

Problem 13: A number of men went to a hotel and each man spent as many rupees as there are men. The total money spent was rs 151.29. The number of men in the hotel were;

a. 151.29                 b. 113                c. 123               d. 127

Number theory , number math



Total amount spent = Rs. 151.29

Men =?



Let there be ‘y’ number of men.

And each man spent  ‘y’ rupees ( it is given that each man will spend Rs equal to number of men).

Then total money spent by all ‘y’ men will be calculated by multiplying there number with spent amount by each men.

Total Money Spent = y\times y =y ^{2}

But ,

Toatl Money Spent = Rs. 151.29

\Rightarrow y ^{2}=151.29

\Rightarrow y =\sqrt{151.29}

\Rightarrow y =123


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