Word Problem 12

Problem 12: In examination 40% of students fail in Math 30% fail in English and 10% fail in both. Find pass percentage.

a. 40%            b. 50%         c. 60%            d. 70%

percentage calculation

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Failure in Math= 40%

Failure in English= 30%

Failure in Both= 10%

Pass %age =?

Total Failure = Math +English -Both

Total Failure = 40+30 -10

Total Failure = 60


Total Pass= 100-60=40%

So, 40% students were passed

Alternatively we can use Van Diagram to solve this problem;

Failure in English only= 30-10=20%

Failure in Math only = 40-10=30%

Fail in both = 10%

Total failure = 20+10+30=60%

Pass= 100-60=40%


  1. Because 10% students failed in both subjects and we subtract them form other subjects to find students percentage who failed in English only and Math only !

  2. Why we are subtracting 10% from them

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