Word Problem 11

Problem 11: A man engaged a servant and promised to pay him after one year of service a turban and Rs 90. The servant served him for nine months and got Rs 65 and a turban. The price of the turban is;

a. Rs 25               b.Rs 15                        c.Rs 10                  d.Rs 8

— Price calculation —


Pay for the year = Turban + Rs 90

Pay for 9 months = Turban + Rs 65

Price of turban =?

We solve this problem by assuming that;

the price of the turban= y Rs


Payment ForThe Year=y+90 Rs


Payment ForOne Month=\frac{y+90 }{12} Rs

\Rightarrow Payment For9 Months=\frac{(y+90) }{12} \times 9Rs -----(1)

But We are given that payment for 9 months is y+65Rs, So, y +65 and eq 1 should be equal – because both are payments for 9 months  !

\Rightarrow Payment For9 Months =y+65=\frac{(y+90) }{12} \times 9Rs

\Rightarrow y+65=\frac{(y+90) }{12} \times 9Rs

Simplifying ;

4y +260=3y+270

\Rightarrow y= Rs 10

So, price of turban is Rs 10

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