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Word Problem 10

Problem 10: Find a number which after being multiplied by 5 will exceed 60 as much as it is now short of 60.

a. 10          b. 15               c. 25.            d.20

— number math —


Let the number is ‘y’ and if we add ‘z’ it will become equal to 60 (we supposing it is ‘z’ less than 60)

i-e we suppose;


\Rightarrow z=60-y ---(1)

Now five time of the number;


Five times of number exceeds 60 by ‘z’



Com pairing eq 1 & 2

 \Rightarrow 5y-60=60-y

 \Rightarrow 6y=120

 \Rightarrow y=20

So, the number is 20


Number =20

Short of 60=60-20 = 40

i-e it is 40 less than 60

Now five times of number = 5×20=100

Excess more than 60 =100-60=40

Thus it is 40 more than 60 and meets the condition of the problem

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