Word Problem 1

Problem 1: In an exam a candidate scores 2 marks for a correct answer and loses 1 mark for every wrong answer. If he attempts for 60 questions, and gets a score of 39, how many answers he opted as correct?


There are 60 questions to be answered in the exam!

Let us suppose;

Correct Answers =y

\Rightarrow Incorrect Answers =60-y


Correct Score =2 \times y= 2y

Incorrect Score = 1 \times (60-y)= 60-y


Total Score = Correct Score - Incorrect Score

\Rightarrow Total Score = 2 y -(60-y)

\Rightarrow Total Score = 3 y -60

But ;

Total Score = 39

\Rightarrow 39= 3y-60

\Rightarrow 3y=99

\Rightarrow y=33

So, Correct answers were 33

(math portion of job test)