d Stay Underdeveloped ? (After independence from colonial regimes)

Stay Underdeveloped ?

colonial regimes produced rulers who denied quality education

Majority of the developing nations got independence after remaining in the clutches of colonial regimes for long time (even for centuries).

The colonial establishments intruded these nations after bribing and buying the loyalties of officials and elites of ex-regimes – and for strengthening of their strongholds – and finally establishing colonial government and for its smooth running in future. In other words, firstly the colonialism was able to occupy these countries with the help of traitors and power hungry corrupt politicians and officials of ex-regimes.

Secondly, the same groups of traitors after establishment of colonial eras, were later awarded with governing headships of different constituencies as prices of their fickleness – and for want by newly established colonial eras, of their inevitable help and indigenous political skills and know how to govern the masses of these nations in the times to come next.

After the  colonial regimes

When a wind blew for rolling back of colonial regimes  in these nations, the same groups of traitors and stooges of ex- colonial era developed their eagerness to continue their uphold and striven to become the ‘legitimate’ rulers in the post colonial era as well.

This group pretended to be the freedom winner to the masses of these states instead. And finally made their way in the echelons of ‘national governments’ as head of states, bureau cartes, ministers, presidents and prime ministers of ‘free states’ in the post colonial times.

In simple word we can conclude that colonialism was founder of traitors regimes in these nations in the time to come. Even today if seen keenly, we can still see that rule of same group of traitors and stooge. Or of their spring offs is in a continuation in these states. And that is  even after long time since the end of colonial regimes.

But this is misfortune of the people of these states that this group experimented the same style of government over them, what they learnt from colonial regimes masters . It simply  implies ‘divide and rule’ and ‘keep people ignorant by denying them the quality education’,

Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay wanted to develop an educational curriculum in colonial India which would avoid growth of cognizance among Indians but to produce clerks only to serve the colonial regime instead – lest they become a threat to the colonial rule in India.

Has colonialism ended in these sates ?

Though it looks as if real colonial regimes are no more, and now a history there, but if seen in broader perspective, spirit of colonialism is still alive in these states – at the behest of same group of traitors and stooges, but with new of their colonial masters – the big or super powers of the world today.

In plain words, these states are still the colonies of big powers – but in the cover of ‘democracy’ – political characters of which are the people of the aforementioned group.

Ruling Elite

The ruling elite even having no link of inheritance is also following the sense of colonial stooge style by serving the big powers of today world, by acting their stooge-cum puppets . That is why big powers harp mantra for ;democracy’ in these developing states because in this way stooges continue to be available for them to serve their vested interests.

The ruling elite class of stooge-cum puppets of big powers are employing the Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay’s theory of not providing quality education to their masses – lest their regime is endangered by growth of cognizance and wisdom among the people. That is why education standards are deliberately kept low there.

What if Education Quality Improved?

If education quality is improved then people of these states will come to know that democracy is actually the name of ‘meritocracy’ – and in meritocracy a ruler is qualified on the basis of merit – not on the basis of family ruling lineage or inheritance. If seen closely, a son is becoming a ruler after his father and this is going on from the time of end of colonial rule in these states.

The ruling class is not bent on improving the state owned educational institutions. But on the other hand their own off springs are studying in highly paid private educational institutions where only elites are able to afford fees. And hence no go area for poor masses of the states.

Reason for underdevelopment

These states stay underdeveloped because of denial of quality education at the hands of colonial mentality bearing ruling elite there. Feudal lords do not let children study and play in schools but use play grounds as ‘meadows’ there. Sense of discerning lacks among masses of these states. And hence they are not able to choose a ruler who can change their fate from being underdeveloped to developed – by eradicating corruption and plundering of national wealth and by bring the culture of merit in vogue.

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