d Proper way to make tea to invigorate your mind

Proper way to make tea to invigorate your mind

What is proper way of making tea ?

You usually observe at kiosks and hotels that people make tea by adding milk water and tea leaves at a time (talking about black tea!). Is this a proper way to prepare tea?

Proper way to make tea

Tea leaves has to release color pigment obviously whenever boiled or hot liquid comes in contact. Milk and water being a liquids also extract brown pigment  from the leaves when hot. But ofcourse the pigment will give different taste blend with different flavor liquids.

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So that’s why if tea leaves are boiled with water only they will taste the boiled mixture different from that if boiled with pure milk only. What if tea leaves boiled together with milk and water at the same time ?

Answer is, blend of taste of the mixture will be different from both if- alone boiled with pure water or if boiled with pure mile only !

What is the way we can enjoy taste of milk and tea pigment separately ?

Answer is – if we boil tea leaves first with water and boil milk separately ! Later, we can mix both. We mix because in this way taste of tea and milk can be enjoyed as coming together in a sip but  separately i-e we can feel the taste of tea extract and milk separately in one sip of the mixture. To make tea of our preferred taste, i-e if one likes taste of milk more then one can add extra proportion of milk in the mixture – and vise versa for tea extract taste by adding more proportion of tea leaves boiled water with little portion of milk.



In short we can say that proper way to make tea is;

1- Boil tea leaves separately with water.

2-Boil milk separately.

3-Mix desired portions of boiled water and milk in a cup.

And enjoy good tea at rate of your desired taste.

Making tea with separate tea extracted water and mixing with pure buffalo or cow milk is tantamount to make a fine rope of two different strings twisted together.


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