d Education mafia or education business

“Education Business” in Underdeveloped Countries

Education Mafia and Education Business

Education mafia is doing education business and looting without any fear the innocent public at the expanse of poor education systems in the developing countries.

Most of the developing states are having economies which are always under pressure because of ever increasing debt burdens. Population of poor states has increased manifolds without any improvement in lifestyle and provision of facilities to a common citizen. Developing nations spend nominal fraction of budget on education sector.

Educational sectors which are property of the governments are in pathetic situation because of poor infrastructure and lack of facilities. Governments of these states no seem to be reluctant to be caretaker of education sector any longer and. Hence taking initiatives to rely on private investors . This is a reason for mushroom growth and dissemination of private educational institutions. And that is   without any intention to launch an institution with standards, but to amass wealth by exploiting a situation. And this is  where there is no or nominal regulatory frame work for private school running, alongside parents,whom they compel to send their kids to private schools and colleges because of overly crowded and limited number of state run institutions. Also there is  an atmosphere with saturated shabby situation, with lack of dedication among the govt employee teaching staff.

Who is responsible for state run pathetic educational system?

“Rampant corruption among politicians !” – will be the very correct answer. In these states rate of literacy remains low and hence masses become an easy fools to the semi literate corrupt politicians with feudal family lineage having roots to the colonial stooge ancestors, extending back into the colonial era – most of the states having been a colony of imperial powers.

The politicians of underdeveloped states don’t want to educate their public, lest they gain wisdom and discerning power to identify their corrupt intentions and actions. And in this way might not endanger their time and again election to the government houses. And in this way lest some competent leaders are produced from among the ‘non privileged class of people. Therefore education business is going without any accountability by the education mafia in all the developing countries.

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