word problems on job exam mathematics.

Word Problem 5

Problem 5: If 4 men or 7 boys can do a work in 29 days, then 12 men and 8 boys will do the same work... »

Word Problem 1

Problem 1: How much percent a tradesman increase on to the cost price to his goods so that he may ma... »

Word Problem10:

Word Problem10: A horse is sold for Rs 1230 at a loss of 18%. What would have been gained or lost pe... »

Word Problem 8

Problem 8: A reduction of 20% in the price of sugar enables a purchaser to buy 4 kgs more for Rs 80.... »

Word Problem 6

Problem 6: In an examination 52% of the candidates failed in English and 42% failed in Maths. 17% fa... »

Word Problem 1

Problem 1: Income of A is 25 % less than B’s income. How much percent B’s income would b... »

Word Problem 2

Problem 2: At an election a candidate secures 40% of the votes but is defeated by the other candidat... »

Word Problem 3

Problem 3: In an examination a candidate who secures 25% of the maximum marks fails by 60 marks. Ano... »