GRE arithmetic questions and answers


Word Problem 16 (Marks percentage, number of students)

Problem 16: In an examination every candidate took... »


Word Problem 5

Problem 5: If 4 men or 7 boys can do a work in 29 ... »


Word Problem 18 (successive selling , profit and cost price calculation)

Problem 18: A man bought a horse and sold it at a ... »

Word Problem 17 ( Profit or loss in business)

Problem 17: A watch was sold at a loss of 10%. If ... »

Word Problem 16 (Profit or loss in business)

Problem 16: A man losses 13% by selling a book at ... »

Word Problem 13 ( Gain or loss percentage calculation)

Problem 13: A man buys a certain number of oranges... »

Word Problem 12 (Profit and loss on selling two items)

Problem 12: A man sells two horses at the same pri... »

Word Problem 9 (Consecutive selling profits whats the cost?)

Problem 9: A sold a table to B at 4% profit.B sold... »

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