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Word Problems 1

Problem 1 : Rs 49 were divided among 150 children, each girl has 50 pasisas and each boy 25 pasas. How many boys were there?

a) 100     b) 104        c) 50           d) 70


We first convert amount in rupees to paisas. Since there are 100 paisas in 1 Re, so ;

\Rightarrow Paisas In 49 Rs=49\times 100= 4900

Each boy gets 25 paisas and each girl gets 50 paisas. Now let’s suppose there are ‘x’ boys and ‘y’ girls – so, total children are x+y which is equale to 150 (given);

Data can be arranged as;

so, we can get two equations from there;

Total paisas;


Total children

x+y=150 ----(2)

Multiply eq 2 by 50 from both sides, we get;

50x+50y=50 \times 150

50x+50y=7500 ----(3)

subtracting eq (1) from (3)

50x+50y=7500 ----(3)



\Rightarrow 25x = 2600

\Rightarrow x =\frac{2600}{25}

\Rightarrow x =104

So, there were 104 boys



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