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Word Problem 1

 Problem 1: An army general wishing to draw up his 7250 troops in the form of a solid square found that he had  What is the number of troops in the front line ?

(general math for jobs)


The Army general had 7250 troops as total. He wanted to line them up in the form of a square. But when he does so, 25 troops are exceeding the need to make a square. So, he excludes extra 25 troops aside !

Total Troops =7250

Extra Troops =25

So, the troops fitting in square i-e;

Within Squre Troops =7250-25


Now Suppose, side of square is ‘y’, As 7225 troops are covering the area of the square, so troops should be equal to area of the square!

\Rightarrow Area Of The Square=7225


 Area Of The Square= y^{2}

 \Rightarrow y^{2}=7225

Taking square root on both sides;

\sqrt{ y^{2}}=\sqrt{7225}

\sqrt{ y^{2}}=\sqrt{ 85^{2}}

Canceling square roots with squares;

\Rightarrow y=85

So, there will be 85 troops in any front side of the square !


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