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Word Problem 1

Problem 1: There are two types of teas, one is worth Rs 30.20 per kg and other is worth Rs 20.30 per kg. If mixed together, the mixture will be worth Rs 25.40 per kg. What is the ratio between both types in mixture?


Let there be two types of teas, T1 and T2 respectively;

Data can be arranged as ;

Now the sum of separate prices of both types of tea should be equal to the price of the mixture of both

We can write;


\Rightarrow 30.20y+20.50z=25.40y+25.40z)

Shifting ‘y’ terms to one side and ‘z’ terms to other side;

\Rightarrow 30.20y-25.40y=25.40z-20.50z

\Rightarrow 4.8y=4.9z

\Rightarrow \frac{y}{z}=\frac{4.9}{4.8}

Canceling ‘point’;

\Rightarrow \frac{y}{z}=\frac{49}{48}

Which we can write;


\Rightarrow y:z=49:48

(basic mathematics for general public)

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