Question 4

Question 4: One had 55% of the total valid votes in an election between two candidates. 20 percent of the votes were invalid. If the total number of votes were 75000, the other candidate’s number of valid votes was;

a. 2700                 b. 2100                     c. 2800

FPSC AD IB 2nd batch 2017



We are given that;

Total Votes =7500

Invalid Votes =20% Of 7500

\Rightarrow Invalid Votes = \frac{20}{100} \times 7500

\Rightarrow Invalid Votes =1500

\Rightarrow Valid Votes =7500-1500=6000

So, the valid votes were 6000.

Let there be two candidates A and B. Suppose A gets 55% of valid votes i-e;

A's Votes =55% of 6000

 \Rightarrow A's Votes =\frac{55}{100}\times 6000

 \Rightarrow A's Votes =3300

So,  A got 3300 of valid votes, remaining votes will have gone to candidate B;

 \Rightarrow B's Votes =6000-3300=2700

So, the other candidate (B) got 2700 votes

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