Question 16 , 17 & 18

Question 16: In a class consisting of boys and girls there are 30 students. Girls are the third fifth of total number. How many boys are there in the class?

FPSC AD IB 2017 2nd batch



Let the number of boys in the class is ‘x’;

Girls are 3/5 of 30 students. so;

according to question;

boys + girls = 30

but boys are ‘x’ and girls are 3/5 of 30 students, so;

x+ \frac{3}{5} \times 30 = 30

x+ 18 = 30

x= 30-18=12

so boys are 12


Question 17: Find the ‘x’ value where x:3=4:8

FPSC AD IB 2017-2ns batch


We can write given expression as below as well;


\Rightarrow\ x=\frac{4}{6} \times 3

\Rightarrow\ x=2


Question 18: Evaluate 32-15×2+3

FPSC AD IB 2017-2ns batch


First we perform division, then multiplication, then addition, and then subtraction operation, so;

32-15\times 2+3=32-30+3=32-33=-1

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