Question 1. Factorize -3 x 2 y − 3 x + 9 x y 2

Question 1. Factorize  -3x ^{2}y-3x+9xy ^{2}

— algebra


-3x ^{2}y-3x+9xy ^{2}

To factorize this expression we can see that 3x is common term among all three terms of the expression – which we take out and put brackets around the remaining factor.

-3x ^{2}y-3x+9xy ^{2}

=3x(-xy-1+3y ^{2})



so, 3x and (-xy-1+3y ^{2}) are two factors of the given expression. If both multiplied like below;

3x (-xy-1+3y ^{2})= 3x.(-xy)-3x.1+3x.3y ^{2} =-3x2y-3x+9xy ^{2}

i-e same original expression we get.