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Word Problem 9 (Consecutive selling profits whats the cost?)

Problem 9: A sold a table to B at 4% profit.B sold the same table for Rs 65, thereby he made a profit of 25%. Find the price at which A had purchased the table.

a.  40             b.60.          c.50                   d.70


Let the cost price for A is Rs ‘y’. A earns a profit of 4% of his cost price


A's Profit=\frac{4}{100} of 'y'




Profit= Sale Price - Cost Price

\Rightarrow \frac{y}{25} = SP-y

\Rightarrow SP=\frac{y}{25}+y


So, the sale price at which A sold table to B is 26y/25. So, now it will stand as cost price for B.

Now we consider B’s case

Cost price of B


Sale price by B at which he sold table is Rs. 65 i-e


Profit earned by B is 25% of his cost price i-e

P=\frac{25}{100} of CP

=\frac{1}{4} \times \frac{26y}{25}


Profit=Sale Price-Cost Price



Putting values of P, SP, CP


\Rightarrow\frac{1}{4} \times \frac{26y}{25}+\frac{26y}{25}=65

\Rightarrow\frac{5}{4} \times \frac{26y}{25}=65

\Rightarrow y=\frac{4}{5} \times \frac{25}{26}\times65

\Rightarrow y=50

So the cost price by A was Rs 25

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