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Word Problem 6

Problem 6: In an examination 52% of the candidates failed in English and 42% failed in Maths. 17% failed in both. Find the percentage of those who passed in both subjects.

(word problems on job exam mathematics.)


We solve this problem using Venn Diagram;

We are given data;

English failed=52%

Mathematics failed=42%

Both failed=17%

We can say from this data;

Failed in English only =52-17=35%

Failed in Mathematics only=42-17=25%

Put this data in Venn Diagram

We can say ;

Total Students failed = Students Failed in English only + Students failed in Mathematics only + Students failed in Both English and Mathematics

Total Students failed=35+25+17=77%

So, students who passed the exam clearing both subjects= 100-77=23%

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