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Word Problem 2

Problem 2: At an election a candidate secures 40% of the votes but is defeated by the other candidate by a majority of 289 votes. Find the total number of votes recorded.

(word problems on job exam mathematics.)


Let total votes = ‘x’

Let there be two candidates ‘A’ and ‘B’.

‘A’ gets 40% of total votes;

\Rightarrow A=\frac{40}{100}x

But ‘B’ defeated ‘A’ by 289 votes, so votes secured by ‘B’ should be equal to ‘A’s votes + 289

\Rightarrow B=\frac{40}{100}x+289

Now both ‘A’ and ‘B’ votes together should be equal to total recorded votes;

Total votes = A's Votes+ B's Votes

\Rightarrow x = \frac{40}{100}xs+ \frac{40}{100}x+289

\Rightarrow x = 2 \times \frac{40}{100}x+289

\Rightarrow x =  \frac{40}{50}x+289

\Rightarrow x -\frac{40}{50}x =  289

\Rightarrow \frac{50x-40x}{50} =  289

\Rightarrow \frac{10x}{50} =  289

\Rightarrow x=289 \times \frac{50}{10} \Rightarrow x=1445

\Rightarrow x=1445




Problem: In an examination75% of the candidates passed in English and 65% in Mathematics, while 15% failed in both subjects. If 495 candidates passed in both subjects, find the total number of candidates who took the exam.    

a. 8000            b. 850                   c. 800                d. 750




Let there be  x=100% Candidates,   candidates,

\Rightarrow EngFail=100-75=25

and FailMaths=100-65=35

and Both Fail=15

Using formula

Total Fail=Fail Eng+Fail Math-Both

Total Fail=25+35-15=45


Pass candidates = x-45 = 100-45=55% of ‘x’

But Pass candidates (as given) = 495

\Rightarrow 55% of x=495

\Rightarrow \frac{55}{100}\times x = 495

\Rightarrow x= 495 \times \frac{100}{55}

\Rightarrow x= 900

l black’, sans-serif;”>So, there were 900 candidates





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