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Word Problems 4 & 5

Problem 4: A medical student has to secure 40% marks to pass. He gets 40 and fials by 40 marks. Find the maximum marks.



Total Marks = y

He Gets 40+Fails By40=80

So, it means , had he got 80 marks, he would have passed !. In other words 80 marks are equal to 40% of Total marks !

\Rightarrow 80 = 40% Of Total Marks

\Rightarrow 80 = \frac{40}{100} Of y

\Rightarrow 80 = \frac{40}{100} \times y

\Rightarrow y= \frac{80\times 100}{40}

\Rightarrow y= 200

So, marks were 200 in total

Problem 5: A woman has certain number of mangoes of which 14% are bad. She gives 80% of the remainder as charity. Then she has 258 left. How many had she at first?


Let initially she had;

Total Mangoes =x

Bad mangoes are 14 % of Total mangoes;

\Rightarrow Bad Mangoes = \frac{14}{100}\times x

\Rightarrow Remaining Mangoes = x - \frac{14}{100}x

\Rightarrow Remaining Mangoes = \frac{50x-7x}{50}

\Rightarrow Remaining Mangoes = \frac{43x}{50}

She gives 80 % of these remaining mangoes in charity;

\Rightarrow Charity Given Mangoes = \frac{80}{100}\times \frac{43x}{50}

\Rightarrow Charity Given Mangoes = \frac{688}{1000}x

Now again finally remaining mangoes can be calculated as;

\Rightarrow Finally Remaining Mangoes = \frac{43}{50}x - \frac{688}{1000}x

\Rightarrow Finally Remaining Mangoes = \frac{172}{1000}x

But as told, remaining mangoes are 258. so this number should be equal to 258;

\Rightarrow \frac{172}{1000}x=258

\Rightarrow x=\frac{258000}{172}

\Rightarrow x=1500

So, She had 1500 mangoes in the beginning !

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