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Question 25 & 26

Cricket fans know there are 6 balls in one over. So, in 10 overs there will be 10×6=60 balls !

Run rate of 3.2 means a score of 3.2 runs in one over – so,

\Rightarrow 1 over = 3.2 runs (Given)

\Rightarrow 10 overs = 10\times 3.2 runs

\Rightarrow 10 overs = 32 runs

So, it means out of target of 282 runs , 32 runs have readily been scored in first 10 overs. Now match is of 50 overs, so question is 282-32=250 runs will be scored with what run rate in next 40 overs !

Or simply we can say that next 40 overs should give 250 runs i-e;

\Rightarrow 40 overs = 250 runs

\Rightarrow 1 over = \frac{250}{40}

\Rightarrow 1 over = 6.25 runs

So, a required run rate is of 6.25 runs   in next 40 overs !


 Rate of interest =R= 5% pa

Term of Calculation of interest = T = 1/2

(One year is taken as one term and half yearly calculations  will be 1/2 terms two times in one year)

Principal or initial amount of investment =P= 1600 Rs

We know the formula of Compound Interest calculation;

A= P (1+\frac{R}{100})^{T}

Put values from given data;

A= 1600 (1+\frac{5}{100})^{1/2}

A= 1600 (1+\frac{1}{20})^{1/2}

A= 1600 (\frac{21}{20})^{1/2}

A= 1600 (1.05)^{1/2}

A= 1600 \times 1.02469507

A= 1639.51272255

            Or (rounding off)

A= 1640

Now we also know ;


\Rightarrow I =A-P


A = final amount including interest

I = Interest amount

P= Principal amount

So, we have;

\Rightarrow I =A-P=1640-1600 = Rs 40

So amount for first half term is Rs 40/-

Now for next half term of the same year A will become principal amount;

So data for next half term can be arranged as;

P = 1640

R = 5% pa

T = 1/2

Again applying;

A= P (1+\frac{R}{100})^{T}

A=1640 (1+\frac{5}{100})^{1/2}

A=1640 (\frac{21}{20})^{1/2}

A=1640 (1.05)^{1/2}

A=1640 (1.02469507)



Or ( rounding off)


So, real  interest on Rs 1600/- till end of second half becomes Rs 81

So total Internet = interest in first half + new interest till end of  second half

Interest = 40+81=121


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