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Question 23 & 24

Lets’s suppose carrots eaten by;

Wife = x

But Rabbit eats 5 more carrots than wife i-e he ate x+5 carrots;

\Rightarrow Rabbit = x+5

Child =12 (given)

But total carrots were 73, so carrots eaten by all will be 73 i-e;

Wife + Rabbit+child =73

\Rightarrow x +(x+5)+12 =73

\Rightarrow 2x +17 =73

\Rightarrow 2x =73-17

\Rightarrow 2x =56

\Rightarrow x =28

so, Wife ate 28 carrots

Here we note;

6 Kangaroos = 6 sacks

Which simply means

1 Kangaroos = 1 sack

It means 1 kangaroo eats 1 sack in 6 minutes!

or we can say;

1 sack = 1 kangaroo in 6 minutes

or 100 sacks =100 kangaroos in 6 minutes !



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