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Question 14 & 15

Question 14: To cover an area of 24 square meters it takes 3 liters of paint. What should be the percentage increase in the quantity of paint to cover a 50.4 square meters of area ?

CSS 2018 general Science & Ability General knowledge paper – I mathematics portion general math for jobs


We are given that;

24 Square Meter=3 Liters

\Rightarrow 1 Square Meter=\frac{3}{24} Liters

\Rightarrow 50.4 Square Meter=\frac{3}{24} \times 50.4Liters

\Rightarrow 50.4 Square Meter=6.3Liters

So, increase in paint quantity = 6.3-3=3.3 Liters

Now let  this excess of 3.3 liters is ‘x’ percent of 3 liters (original requirement)


3.3L = x % of 3L

 \Rightarrow 3.3 L =\frac{x}{100}\times 3 L

 \Rightarrow x =\frac{3.3 \times 100}{3}

 \Rightarrow x =110

So 110 percent of original requirement  will be the increase in paint quantity

Question 15: Akram began a business with a Rs 15000 capital. Umar also joined him after 5 months with an investment of Rs 30000. Usman also joined them at the beginning of the 9th month by investing Rs 45000. They made a profit of Rs 406000 at the end of the year. Find every one’s share.

CSS 2018 general Science & Ability General knowledge paper – I mathematics portion



Tahir investing for 12 months  ,Umar investing for 7 months and Usman invested for 4 months, so total investment of each is calculated as below;

Tahir's Investment=15000\times 12= 180000

Umar's Investment=30000\times 7= 210000

Usman's Investment=45000\times 4=180000

\Rightarrow Tahir:Umar:Usman=180000:210000:180000

\Rightarrow Tahir:Umar:Usman=18:21:18

\Rightarrow Tahir:Umar:Usman=6:7:6

Sum of Ratios = 6+7+6=19

So, ration among investments is 6:7:6. Profit share will be distributed according to the same ratio;

Apply share formula;

Share = \frac{Ratio}{Summ of Ratios}\times Amount To Be Distributed

\Rightarrow Tahir'sShare = \frac{6}{19}\times 406000=Rs. 128210.52

Umar'sShare = \frac{7}{19}\times 406000=Rs. 149578.95

\Rightarrow Usman'sShare = \frac{6}{19}\times 406000=Rs. 128210.52

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