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Question 13

Question 13: A man left his Rs 640000 property. He was responsible for a debt of Rs 40000 and Rs 5000 was spent on his funeral ceremony. Distribute the amount according to Islamic law between his widow one daughter and two sons.

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Total Property = Rs. 640000

Property after payment of debt = 640000-40000= Rs. 600000

Property after spending of burial = 600000-5000= Rs, 595000

According to Islamic Law the widow will get 1/8 of the property;

so share of the widow  is calculated as below

Widow's Share= \frac{1}{8}\times 595000=Rs. 74375

Remaining property = 595000- 74375=Rs. 520625

Remaining property among one daughter and two sons will be distributed according to ratio

Brother :Brother :Sister = 2:2:1

So sum of ratios here = 2+2+1=5

Using share formula;

Share = \frac{Ratio}{Sum of Ratios}\times Amount To Be Distributed

One Brother's Share = \frac{2}{5}\times 520526= Rs. 208210.4


2nd Brother's Share = \frac{2}{5}\times 520526= Rs. 208210.4


Sister's Share = \frac{1}{5}\times 520526= Rs. 104105.2

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