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Question 7 & 8

Question 7: A glass is of 600 grams weight if it is half filled with milk,  and it weighs 200 grams when empty. How much it will weigh if it contains four by fifth of milk ?



As per statement;

\frac{1}{2} full ; glass=600 gm

So, weight of milk only ;

\[ 600 -200 = 400 gm \]

So if we take glass as filled full then milk will be 800 gm!

\[ \frac{4}{5}\times of full glass milk (800gm) = 640gm \]

so, if  we add 200 gm of glass weight, we get;


weight of glass filled 4/5 of milk = ​\( 640+200=840 gm \)


So , answer is 840 gms !


Question 8: A passenger train started its journey with a specific number of passengers, half of them get off at the first stop and 310 get on. I/3rd of these passengers get of at the second stop and 110 get in so that at the next station all 400 passengers leave the train and now the train is empty. How many passengers were there in the beginning ?


Suppose passengers at the start =x

When train stops first time;

Passengers gone;


Passengers left on train ;


New Passengers=310

Total Passengers ;


When train stops 2nd time;

passengers gone ;


Passengers left on train;

= old situation – new situation




New passengers = 110

so total passengers now ;


but total passengers according to question =400



After solving for x , we find;




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