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Question 13 , 14 & 15

Question 13: Calculate value of ‘y’ if mean of terms 10, 30 and y is 50.

FPSC AD IB 2017 -2nd batch


Formula for calculating mean is;

Mean = Sum of terms/number of terms

so mean of 10. 30. y and 50 is

Mean = \frac{10+30+y}{3}

but mean is 50, so this term should be equal to 50;


 \Rightarrow 40+y=150

 \Rightarrow y=150-40

 \Rightarrow y=110


Question 14: In 30 minutes a boy can type 1350 words, how many he will type 5  minutes?

FPSC AD IB 2017 -2nd batch


This is very simple unit formula problem;

30 minutes = 1350 words

\Rightarrow 1 minutes = \frac{1350}{30}words

\Rightarrow 5 minutes = 5 \times \frac{1350}{30}words

\Rightarrow 5 minutes = 225 words

So he can type 225 words in 5 minutes


Question 15: Square’s perimeter is 20, how long is one side?

FPSC AD IB 2017 -2nd batch



Perimeter is the sum of all sides of a shape.

A square has four sides and all sides are equal, so, if one side is of ‘x’ length then;

Square's; perimeter = x +x+x+x=4x


Square's; perimeter = 20


4x = 20

\Rightarrow x = 5

So one side is 5 !

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