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Question 23

Question 23: At Rs 500 per kg a man buys 5 kgs of meat. Moreover he has to pay a consumption tax of 6 percent on the selling price for every kilogram of meat je purchases. Calculate the total amount of money to be paid.

CSS exam 2017 GK paper I maths section (entrance exam basic maths)


We arrange data as under

Sale Price Of Meat = 500 Rs Per KG

Weight Of Meat = 5 KG

Tax On 1 kg Of Meat= 6 % Of Sale Price

From this data we calculate;

Total Sale Price= 5 \times 500 = 2500 Rs


\Rightarrow Tax On 1 kg Of Meat = \frac{6}{100}\times 500 = 30 Rs

\Rightarrow Tax On 5 kgs Of Meat =5\times 30 =150 Rs

So, Total Amount To Be Paid = Total Sale Price + Total Tax

\Rightarrow Total Amount To Be Paid = = 2500+150=2650 Rs

So, total amount to be paid is the sum of sale price of 5 kgs of meat and total tax on sale price of meat i-e 2650 Rs

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