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Question 1 & 2

Question 1&2: The total weight is 255 gms for 2 apples and 3 oranges and that for 3 apples and 2 oranges is 285 gms. What is 1 apple and 1 orange weight individually ?


Let us suppose;

x= apple and y = orange

So according to statement;

2x+3y = 255 ----------------------(1)


We solve these two equations simultaneously ;

Multiply both sides of eq (1) by 3 and multiply both sides of eq (2) by 2;

3(2x+3y)=3\times 255----------------------(3)

2(3x+2y)=2\times 285----------------------(4)

we get;



Subtracting eq(6) from eq(5), we get;


\Rightarrow y=39

put value of y in eq (5) [or (6)], we get;

6x+9 \times 39 = 765

\Rightarrow 6x+351 = 765

\Rightarrow 6x=765-351

\Rightarrow 6x=414

\Rightarrow x=69

so, weight of one orange is 39 gm and of one apple is 69 gm

( basic arithematics for jobs)

Question 2: What is answer of -5 power 6 multiplied by 5 power -2 ?


To solve this, we use algebraic rule;

 x^{a}\times x^{b} = x^{a+b}


 5^{6}\times 5^{-2} = 5^{6+(-2)}= 5^{6-2}= 5^4=5\times 5\times 5\times 5=625

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