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Question 3

Question 3: A water pool is 6 meters wide, 20 meters long and 2 meters deep. If 1 litre is equal to 1 kilogram then to fill half of the pool will require what quantity of water ?

a. 120000 kg                b. 250000 kgs                          c. 240000                               d. None of these

FPSC AD (FIA) Batch 1 , 2015

basic arithematics for jobs


Here we have been given that 1 Kg = 1 Litter, that is 1kg is equal to 1 liter volume!

To fill the pool half we will require water in liters equal in volume to half half volume of the swimming pool!

Let us calculate volume;

Length of swimming pool =20m

Width of swimming pool = 6m

Depth of swimming pool = 2m

Apply formula of volume;

Volume = Length \times Width\times Depth\Rightarrow Volume = 20 \times 6\times 2=240 m^{3}

So, volume of swimming pool is 240 meters cube. Now we should know that one meter cube is equal to 1000 liters !


\Rightarrow 240 m^{3}= 240 \times 1000=240000 Liters

240000 liters of water can be filled in the whole swimming pool, Hence half filled swimming pool will contain half of volume;

\Rightarrow Water In Half Swimming Pool=\frac{240000}{2}=120000 Liters

But litter is equal to Kg

So, We need water 120000 Kgs

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