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Question 1

Question 1: Positive integer whose tenth digit is 5 more than its unit and sum of digits is 11. The integer is ?

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( basic arithematics for jobs)


Here we suppose the integer is ‘xy’ !

Then its position digits are mentioned;

Now by given information;

x=y+5 ----- (1)

x+y =11 ----(2)

Putting value of x in eq (2)

\Rightarrow y+5+y =11

\Rightarrow 2y+5 =11

\Rightarrow 2y =6

\Rightarrow y =3

Put this value of y in eq (1) 

\Rightarrow x = 3+5=8

\Rightarrow x =8

So the digit is 

Digit = 83

Here 8 is tenth digit which is ‘5’ more than its unit digit 3

Also 8+3=11


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