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Question 51 & 52

Let there be ‘x’ 20 paisas coins and ‘y’ be the number of 25 paisas coin So, by given condition all 20 paisas and 25 paisas coins are 324 in total; i-e But All coins together m... »

Question 49 & 50

and or or So, we can other way say that; so, 1 millimeter is equal to 0.000001 kilometer or we can say that single paper is 0.000001 km thick If we fold this paper one time then there will be two laye... »

Question 47 & 48

Here we suppose the integer is ‘xy’ ! Then its position digits are mentioned; Now by given information; Putting value of x in eq (2) Put this value of y in eq (1)  So the digit is  Digit =... »