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Word Problem 13

Problem 13: A number of men went to a hotel and each man spent as many rupees as there are men. The ... »

Word Problem 6

Problem 6: A general wishing to draw up his 17429 men troops in the form of a solid square, found th... »

MCQs on Set Theory

Q1. If A={x:x=2n+1, n∊Z} and B={x:x=2n, n∊Z} then A∪B is; a. ∅ b. Z c. R d. None of these   Sol... »

Word Problem 12

Problem 12: A lady gave away 1/2 of her stock of oranges she had and half the extra orange to the fi... »

Word Problem 11

Problem 11: A man engaged a servant and promised to pay him after one year of service a turban and R... »