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Word Problem 8

Problem 8: There are 15 tables in Camille’s Cafe. Some of those tables can seat 6 people, and the rest of them can only seat 4 people. If a maximum of 76 people can be seated at Camille’s Cafe, how many 6-people tables does the cafe have?


Let there are ‘x’ 6-people tables and ‘y’ 4-people tables

Total tables are 15, so;

x+y=15 ---(1)

If 6 people sit on x 6-people table and 4 people sit on all y 4people table then it should accommodate 76 people in total ;


Solving these eqs simultaneously we get;



so there are 8 6-people table.

Put x value in eq 1



so there are 7 4-people tables.

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