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Word Problem 3

Problem 3: Marked price of a television set is displayed as Rs 2800 in an electric appliances store.The dealer announces two consecutive discounts of 10% and 5% respectively on the marked price. The purchaser will have to pay a slaes tax of 10% on final price. How much a purchaser will pay for the TV set ?

(math portion of job test)


Marked Price of TV;

MP=2800 Rs

First Discount ;

D1 =\frac{10}{100} of 2800

\Rightarrow D1 =\frac{10}{100} \times 2800

\Rightarrow D1 =280 Rs

So First Sale Price;

SP1 =2800-280 =2520 Rs

2nd Discount;

D1 =\frac{5}{100} of 2520

D1 =\frac{5}{100} \times 2520

\Rightarrow D1 =\frac{252}{2}

\Rightarrow D1 =126 Rs

2nd Sale Price;

SP2= 2520-126

\Rightarrow SP2= 2393 Rs

Sales Tax;

It is 10 % of last sale price;

\Rightarrow Sales Tax =\frac{10}{100} \times 2393

\Rightarrow Sales Tax =293.3 Rs

Total Cost of Customer;

Customer's Cost =2393+293.3=2633.4 Rs







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