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Word problem 2

Problem 2: If a person as an average spends monthly Rs 230 for first 8 months and for next 4 months spends as an average per month Rs 180 – and also takes a loan of Rs 164 during the year. What was the total income ?

(basic mathematics for general public)


Here average expenditure for 8 months = 230 Rs

Average expenditure for 4 months = 180 Rs

Loan = 164 Rs

Average Income ?

We calculate from above data;

Total expenditure for 8 months = 8×230 = 1844/- Rs

Total Expenditure for 4 months = 4×180=720/-Rs

Total Expenditure for the Year = 1844+720= 2564/- Rs

Now use formula ;

Total Expenditure = Total Income + Loan

==> 2564=Total Income-164

so, Total Income = 2564-164 = 2400/-Rs

Monthly Income (Average) = Total Income / Months in a year

                                                                 =2400/12 = 200/-Rs

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