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Word Problem 2 (Cost calculation, marked price , discount)

Problem 2: A trades man marks his goods 25% above cost price, but allows 12-1/2% discount to cost payment. Find the cost of an article which is sold for Rs 875.

a. Rs 700                      b. Rs 800                           c. Rs 900                  d. RS 950

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Before we give solution note that

CP= Cost Price

MP=Marked Price

SP= Sale Price


We are given that SP = Rs 875

We proceed further by supposing that


Now since marked price is 25% More Than CP

\Rightarrow MP= 25% of CP+CP

\Rightarrow MP=\frac{25y}{100}+y

\Rightarrow MP=0.25y+y

\Rightarrow MP=1.25y

This is customer’s cost payment amount !

Now discount is 12-1/2% of customers cost payment, we write discount as;

D=12\frac{1}{2}\times 100 \times1.25y

after calculation and simplification we get


Now formula for discount is


Putting values of D, MP and SP

\Rightarrow 0.15625y=1.25y-875

\Rightarrow 1.09375y=875

\Rightarrow y=800

So, the cost price is Rs 800


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