Factorization method for ka + kb + kc type expressions

Factorization method ka + kb + kc type expressions

In such algebraic expressions a common is separated out of the bracket;


In above sentence ‘k’ is common with each term of the algebraic expression, so we take it out of bracket like below;

\Rightarrow ka+kb+kc = k(a+b+c)

‘k’ has been taken out and in this way we got two factors ‘k’ and (a+b+c) of the given expression. If we multiply these factors then again we will get the original given expression.

Example: factorize 5a+5b+15c


Here we see that 5 is present with every term of the given algebraic , we take this common 5 out of bracket like this;

5a+5b+15c= 5(a+b+3b)

and in this way we got two factors ‘5’ and (a+b+3b)- and if we multiply these together – we again get 5a+5b+15c

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