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      Basic Math Test – A Nightmare ?

      1- Why Math Test ?

      Most of the exams either for academic assessment or for admission to a university, or for job placement in some public or private organization requires candidates to show their efficiency in everyday math, usually of elementary school level. Such tests include all type of questions like questions involving calculation of percentage, profit or loss and profit and loss percentage, interest and compound interest calculations, division of profit or loss in a business, volume and area calculations and such other things. Purpose of maths test is to check candidates capability to solve everyday life matters involving some mathematical calculations. Very simple example is that if some one is doing job with some departmental store and some customer is there to buy some article, then he will have to tell the customer as what amount will be required for a certain number of articles – and if there is some offer by the store then what percent discount will be given. This is called everyday maths, Similarly if someone wants to join an investigation agency where he will have to solve cases using his mind therefore, his mental sharpness is to be checked by a basic maths test In short. a basic maths test is to determine the competence of candidate for a certain position.

      2- Why Math Test Is Dreaded And By Whom ?

      When candidates apply for some position in some organization they inquire as what will be the test content. Most of the candidates are content with the resting test material except math. And majority of candidates is perturbed by inclusion of a math portion in the upcoming exam, consists of those who don’t have their academic background with mathematics. This is because they feel confirmed for their failure in the test because of their inability to tackle the mathematics portion and they know that even loosing single marks in the test will throw them manifolds down in the result list On the other hand those few who have some mathematics background, feel to have an advantage over others in the competition because they know that their ability to handle maths will rise them to the top position in the result list.

      3- No Need To Be Worried About A Math Test !

      You need not worry about a math test if you really want get prepared for it. You can get through the test if you believe in your capabilities to learn mathematics. Actually there are some basic techniques and some formulas and rules – to be practiced intensively for tackling a math test with confidence. Here some rules and formulas are given to be kept in mind. But remember, only practice makes a man perfect so, you will have to take your time for practicing and applying these techniques for solving basic mathematics problem.

      Some Techniques And Formulas For Solving Basic Mathematics Problems

      Division, Multiplication, addition and subtraction rules are learnt by everybody even at primary school level, so before we start to elaborate the basic skills to solve basic math problems it is expected to be familiar with above basic operations of numbers.

      1- Percentage Calculation

      Percent means ‘out of hundred’. So, if we say ‘x’ is 10 percent of ‘y’, then we will write it as;

      x = 10/100 of y



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